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With the release of Doom Eternal, an amazing looking game that I wish I could play, I thought I’d list the computer games that I still love and think about. The games that I have loved and played… And played… Doom The original Doom was amazing. I played it first at boarding school and remember our death matches over the network with nostalgic pleasure. Wolfenstein The daddy of first person shooters. I came across this classic at school, and fell in love. Super Castlevania IV (Snes) Beautiful graphics, great level design and sound. We played this in 6th form and loved it. Donkey Kong Country (Snes) An incredible game with stunning visuals and first class gameplay. Thief Scary, atmospheric and oozing character. Thief: The Dark Project was a breathtaking game. Quake Quake blew my mind. Stunning in every way. Quake 2 A little slower than the original, but stunning and adictive. I got this one Christmas and barely surfaced! ,Quake 3 Arguably my favourite of the Quake franchise. This fast-paced adrenelin hit was astounding. I played it to death and still wish I could play it again. Unreal tournament A beautiful game with great maps and gameplay. Unreal A feast for the eyes, the Epic engine really delivered. Tomb Raider What can I say? It blew me away. 3d graphics and Lara… Return To Castle Wolfenstein What my Geeforce FX graphics card was made for. A brilliant re-imagining of the original. Medal Of Honour Allied Assault Great story, fab game. I played this until I lost track of time. Doom 3 Wonderful, scary, thrilling. Aladdin (Snes) We played this at school and it became my parent’s favourite game. Charming and very playable. Street Fighter (Snes) Needs no introduction. Me, Cooky and Neil played this a lot. A classic game. Zarch I came across this at school. It was weird but utterly mezmorising. Repton (BBC) Complete with level editor, this was a totally addictive tour de force. Loved it! Dig-Dug (Atari) A simple game that was so, so playable. Lady Bug (Atari) Cozen to Pac Man, Lady Bug was great. It’s as simple as that. Hunchback (Amstrad) I could mention any number of games for my beloved Amstrad CPC 464. Ninja, Roland On The Ropes, Grand Prix, but Hunchback was a platformer that I adored. Max Payne A brilliant and classy shooter that I dived into and enjoyed so, so much. Duke Nukem 3d A naughty, colourful and uber playable game. I loved this so much! Jedi Knight Dark Forces ii My favourite Star Wars game. Mind blowing! And you get to wave around a light saber! What’s not to love? Voyager Elite Force A FPS in my beloved Star Trek universe. And you get to shoot Borg!!! I loved this little beauty. I could list many more, but I won’t bore you any further. computer games that influenced me the most

March 17, 2020

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