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The Last Jedi review #Star Wars #Jedi

December 18, 2017

Star Wars and Christmas have always been inextricably linked. From watching the original film in the early 80s on a cold Boxing Day, I was hooked. From then on, Christmas meant Star Wars figures. Many years on, Star Wars and Christmas are linked again, thanks to the re-awakening in 2015. So, did The La” Jedi provide a glistening gift, or a dry turkey and snapless cracker..?

The truth is, I am still undecided. Some of it I liked, some of it I didn’t. Too often I was taken out of the drama by seemingly pointless gags. Too often, characters seemed to act out of character. This can be largely forgiven because of the score, sound editting and spectacal. However, some things can’t so easily be forgiven. Daisy Ridley delivered some of her lines in a very wooden way, bringing to memory the youngling in episode 3 who begged for Anakin’s help. Finn and Rose’s adventure was pointless, at some points submerging into a Harry Potter movie. And as for Leia’s Mary Poppins moment… I just don’t get it.

This said, Hamil was great, it was a joy to see Yoda again, and some of the space battles were excellent. However, to all intense of purpose we were treated to a regurgicated plot; this time they had to blow up a big gun, not a space station.

The Kylo and Ray stuff was interesting, though Snoke’s demise was disappointing. Sadly there were few duels, and we didn’t really see Luke’s iconic green lightsabre.

The film is full of faults, sometimes it descends into farce and sometimes it seems Johnson had too many lego bricks to play with, and he ended up building something irregular and slightly unbalanced. New characters are vital, but some of the missions were forced and unwieldy. So, where to now for the franchise? Well, I guess we’ll see a showdown between Ray and Kylo. I hope she gets more training because she still doesn’t know how to fight. Ending on a high, the score was great. Some lovely call back to the original and the prequels. The stand-out scene was the throne room, a throw-back straight to The Returo Of The Jedi. This, and other moments lifted the film; Luke and R2’s reunion, Chewiwh breaking down the door, Luke sadly dieing. I would have enjoyed the film more if we had spent more time on the island.

So, where does this film rank? Well, at the moment, somewhere in the middle. I’ll have to watch it again, as I’m sure I’ve missed some detail. In essence, it was a disappointing and confusing addition, bolstered by some memorable scenes.

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