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April 23, 2017

And once again we mark Saint George’s day. A man shrowded in myth, mystery, legend and ambiguity. A man who is neither English or British. A man who, doubtlessly, has never seen a dragon, let alone slain one. So what does he offer the English psyche? Well, not much. He is largely uncelebrated and unremarked upon. We have to thank Shakespeare’s Henry V for invoking his name in battle, and thank the spirit of Henry for lending us war-like qualities. In truth, George’s identity has been mixed up with a promise of a hope. A hope of glory and protection for England. But, surely, someone equally as mythic like King arthur, would make a much better patron saint.
In a time when celebrating national identity is somewhat frowned upon, with David, Andrew and of course Pattrick being celebrated through party and booze the world over, isn’t it time we reclaimed some pride in our saint? Whatever nationality he was, whatever he did, the idea, the thought, the notion that some bloke in plate armour, once slew a dragon and rescued a virgin, is surely a romantic and inspiring concept. A concept we must read as a metaphor for a nation who struggled, and struggles with notions of identity and culture. So, “Cry havoc, for Harry, and Saint George!” 


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