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The evolution of a tale

April 7, 2017

The evolution of a tale, is in itself, an interesting story. It starts as an idea, a concept, a feeling, an urge. It gradually grows into a short story, and then, I have to decide to prune or fertilise, to turn it into a novel, or to leave it as a short story. More often than not, the initial story is adapted into a play, adapting and evolving further. I find short stories are fertile ground; ground that will allow germination and growth into either a mighty tree, or a delicate flower. In some cases, the idea is turned into multiple formats, a short story and a play, and in some cases a screen play as well. Poems are from different seeds, seeds that sring from emotion, hunger or the need to communicate a feeling or emotion. Poems invariably remain poems, and do not grow into anything longer or taller. The decision I am wrestling with at the moment, pertains to one of my favourite short stories and screen plays. Should I take the short story blue print and evolve it into a novel..? The issue with this, is always one of padding and over writing. In the same way, forcing a plant to become a tree is unnatural, forcing a story to become a novel is equally so. Most of my short stories have become plays, and one of my short stories has become a series of novels. In the case of the Ancient Destiny series, they were fertilised by the sunshine of thought, watered by imagination, and pruned by a little art. 
So, next time you write something, don’t be afraid to let it find its natural size, be that a three line poem, a 5000 word story, a 45000 word novella, or a 150000 word novel. 


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