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February 14, 2017

In honour of today, here’s a poem from my collection, Tesserae…


Carve me a heart from an apple,
A kind seed that holds within it trust.
Carve me a smile from a memory,
A lilac scented breath, a whisper of longing in the night.
Speak to me of love,
Of wondering hands and urgent pulses;
Reach out with thought and taste the energy of belonging, the radiance of joy.
For you are the sum of all the strewn petals,
The multitudinous dreams of far off summers.
Waste not your light,
Do not blink away the tear, for it reminds you of me.
Secrets are promises,
Promises are secrets.
Our secret is the beauty of dawn,
The calm of moonlight on moist skin.
If you are brave, remember me,
If you are strong, forget me.
When time’s treachery breaks the blessings of youth,
And when a treasure found is lost anew,
Look into your heart and find me there,
Entrancing you with words of silk,
Honeying reminders of fingers and lips,
Bodies pressing, bodies melting.
For I am your ecstasy, your untamed pulse.
You are my muse, my unwavering ghost of what must be.
And now we linger, caught in the paper tapestry of a thousand if onlys.
We are the frantic call, the urgent heat,
The forbidden apple that is the heart of light.
Come, caress me with thought, kiss me with words,
Hunger after me, desire me with the longing of sorrow, the desperation of lust.
For what we find is ours,
What we have is sacred.

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