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Oh dear Dylan!

October 14, 2016

Those fine and noble people who pick the winner of the Nobel prize for literature are not stupid for awarding Bob Dylan the accolade, they are short-sighted and predictable. They had an opportunity to introduce the blinkered Western, English reading world to a talent who doesn’t write in English. Maybe a European writer or poet, maybe somebody from the exotic East; a chance to catapult somebody fresh into our consciousness. But no – we have Bob Dylan. Now, I’m not going to comment upon the validity of his lyrics, whether or not they are poetry, but I do think awarding a songwriter sets a rather dodgy president. What I will say is how dull, and boring the choice is. Everyone knows who Dylan is, even if they don’t like his songs or lack of vocal ability. He doesn’t need to win a literary prize, but plenty of people do. I care little for his music, not because of snobbery, but because of personal taste. I just feel sorry for those many writers who struggle to make a living. Those who write beautiful, spirited words. The Nobel prize should have gone to somebody we don’t know, somebody fresh and new, not an aging hippy who doesn’t need the publicity, notoriety or pride.


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