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October 21, 2015

Somebody walks alone in the dark,
Lost, confused and humiliated.

Somebody awakes from a bad dream,
Scared, alone and tired.

Somebody touches a friend’s arm,
And hopes for advice and companionship.

Somebody sits at an empty table,
Waiting, watching, wondering.

Somebody looks up at the sky,
Dazzled, delighted and awe struck.

Somebody lies in a distant grave,
Their heart pining, their soul melting.

Everybody is alone,
Everybody is searching, yearning,
Pondering on the reason, aching for the meaning.

“Why are we here?”
“What’s it all about?”
“What’ll happen next?”

Salt in our wounds and stones in our shoes,
Everyday a brand new bruise;

We look, we hear, we talk,
But we seldom see, and listen, and communicate.

So what’s the strategy, what does the human animal do?
Just sit back saying, “World, fuck you?”
Or do we communicate, listen, yearn,
Can we really strive to learn?

Not just facts from book and telly,
But ancient wisdom from the belly.

Look around, listen hard,
Speak to a stranger with a nod and a smile.

This is life, this is magic,
It doesn’t have to be so dull and tragic.

Take my hand and follow me,
Together we’ll make a difference,
Together, you and me.

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