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Chain of nonsense or window into the mind?

August 2, 2015

Let’s have a go at making a chain of words – not a story, a poem or a song, but a chain of words that are linked by association, meaning and influence. So, as far as I can, let’s turn off Mr conscious mind and see what turns-up. I’ve no doubt that some of these words, when I read them, will not associate, they will simply serve to trigger the next words to come into being. Random nonsense? Partly yes, but also a nice little port hole into the process of memory, mind and thought. Let’s have a go…

Dog, cat, eyes, green, grass, palm tree, beach, island, sand, yellow, flower, salmon, bee, honey, comb, brush, hair, long, brown, conker, tree, oak, staff, druid, sunset, sky, clouds, rain, throne, cushion, red, gossamer, crimson, chariot, horses, run, gallop, canter, trot, dressage, Olympics, rings, ruby, diamond, mine, Africa, bush, field, grass, green, frog, jump, leap, athlete, shorts, whisky, ice, polar bear, iceberg, ice cube, freezer, white, snow, wolf, howl, moon, telescope, night, owl, hunt, whale, deep, blue, sapphire, lagoon, fish, coral, shark, streamline, plane, engine, roar, lion, bar, beer, barrel, monkey, chimp, tea, coffee, bean, tin, can, can’t, shock, illusion, mounterbank, fraud, gamble, scarecrow, raven, tower, guard, enemy, gates, close, open, sesame, cave, treasure, gold, twinkle, star, galaxy, constellation, Libra, harp, music, trumpet, gold, ingots, chest, pirate, patch, sword, scimitar, curve, scythe, death, swipe, swish, air, balloon, red, tomato, salad, vegetables, lettuce, crunch, celery, peppers, taste, tongue, head, face, eyes, sight, look, vision, glasses, binoculars, magnify, glass, investigate, hat, tweed, grey, suit, formal, gathering, dresses, long, green, gown, medieval, joust, lance, shield, horse, stag, hunt, spear, forest, pine, Christmas, boreal, robin, book, cover, ladybird, hedge, house, home, mum, cooking, saucepan, boiling, sunshine, summer, holiday, beach, surf, board, class, school, bed, sleep, dream, pink, lights, car, door, slam, shut, trapped, mouse, twitch, scarper, rodent, glimmer, necklace, neck, throat, cleavage, bosom, breasts, nipples, erect, penis, twitch, hamster, ginger, gingerbread man, run, running track, lines, detention, mortar board, teacher, tie, colourful, pattern, rational, feature, glimmer, coded, hospital, garment, nurse, hat, trick, magician, rabbit, Spain, castanets, flamenco, dancer, rhythm, drum, deep, water, blue, moon, full moon, hills, silhouette, dark, black, dots, white, salt, circle, ritual, wand, staff, oak, choke, coke, diet coke, can, can-can, dance, legs, shoes, heels, sexy, legs, thighs, hips, belly, hair, kiss, millet, mallet, hit, boxing glove, boxing ring, ropes, ship, sails, rigging, wheel, revolve, turn, record, spin, wheel, cart, horse, trot, brown, countryside, trees, woods, birds, shadow, man, hat, fedora, felt, sheep, bleat, lamb, lamb chop, mint, plant, soil, stone, pebble, beach, Hastings, ships, battle, axe, sword, shield, shield wall, clamour, charge, drums, beat, execution, sword, arc, ark, magic, fury, wild, beast, tame, quiet, sooth, hush, woman, kneeling, stroking, forehead, fever, thirst, tankard, ale, beer, bottles, green, pitch, rugby, ball, kick, catch, throw, cricket, grass hopper, violin, bow, ewe, wood, canoe, Indian, skin, deer, rest, barge, travesty, incarnation, pepper, column, freight, ship, gantry, clone, pope, catholic, cross, words, possess, nourishment, glamour, purse, Poseidon, promenade, pringle, stooge, geese, cauldron, craft, pumpkin, sneer, snail, gale, porpoise, storm, craft, toss, waves, goodbye, hello, farewell, Santa, drugs, bike, slogan, burst, mammoth, bear, elk, tundra, grey, F sharp, C sharp, B flat, C, D, E, F sharp, C, D, F sharp, A, C, D, E flat, B flat, trumpet, cornet, ice cream, ice cream man, van, colourful, poster, film, camera, lens, round, focus, pull, lorry, rope, hands, blisters, susurration, wind, trees, doors, elves, relaxation, hammock, sway, gay, glad, purpose, stubble, mandrake, hoax, code, lummox, Luther, stooge, incantation, remember, stool, chisel, hammer, proud, gospel, cloud, reminiscence, chalk, root, cage, entrapment, cage, Polaroid, ponder, prod, goal, stent, cravat, cologen, rover, mars, squander, wealth, blame, fire, pulse, trek, roam, squadron, procession.

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