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12 of my favourite… books

July 24, 2015

The last time I did a “12 of my favourite…” posts I mentioned a film called “Romance.” Well, it is entirely the wrong title! The film I was referring to is called “Once.” “Romance” is a French language film with a number of sex scenes within it. So, let’s move on to books….

Cry the beloved country
Alan Painton
A study of forgiveness, grief and social anxiety set in the hectic arena of racist South Africa. A beautifully written book.

Wilbur Smith
Stirring adventure that ticks all the boxes. Archaeology, battles, history and a fascinating protagonist. This still hits the spot.

A song of ice and fire
J.R. Martin
Probably the finest example of fantasy fiction to date. Complex, imaginative, dense and fascinating. Despite its length it captures the imagination and never lets go.

On Chesil beach
Ian Mcewan
The finest example of a short form novel. Packed with social realism and context. A brilliant and emotional snapshot of an evening.

The girl at the Lion d’or
Sebastian Faulks
A masterpiece of substance over style. A haunting and moving book about decisions, consequence and war.

A week in December
Sebastian Faulks
Simple in structure, beautiful in form. Artful character portraits and an emotionally wonderful conclusion. Simple, effective, clever and satisfying.

The pillars of the earth
Ken Follett
A substantial and interesting tone. Beautifully researched and realised, a book about building, both literally and metaphorically –building cathedrals and lives, society and history. A splendid piece of art.

Bernard Cornwell
A stirring, magnificent and stunning work. Humanity, bravery, war, this novel brings history to life through developed and fascinating characters. More than a battle, more than a date, Agincourt is about mankind, craft and loss.

The Dreaming void
Peter F. Hamilton
The first in a complex, fascinating and brilliant trilogy that defies genre.

Surface detail
Ian M. Banks
One of his “culture” novels. Sci-fi on a grand scale. Ships with personalities, stupendous grandier and even a trip into hell.

The winter king
Bernard Cornwell
Actually, most of Cornwell’s work is wonderful, but his Arthur series is simply sublime. Captivating, daunting, exciting and perfect. A series that spans fantasy and sci-fi seamlessly.

Stalking the shadows
BJ Edwards
I know, terrible thing to do, but hey, I’d be silly not to mention it! Set around 12000 years ago the book deals with religion, battle, adventure and fantasy. Epic and absorbing.

River god
Wilbur Smith
One of his finest hours. Ancient Egyptian adventure with an interesting and intelligent protagonist, a slave and eunuch. This book takes you by the hand and drags you down the Nile, leaving you breathless.


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