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July 21, 2015

Silken clouds and satin sky, gossamer sunlight playing in your hair.
Ice melting in tall glasses, the smell of warm skin and hope.
Like a flock of exotic birds rising from a warm sea, my heart does gymnastics in my chest.
You smile, you laugh and I want to kissyou.

Trees sway, greeting the breeze with grateful leaves. The light shifting, the sun blessing us from lower in the heavens.
Somewhere a blackbird begins his nightly prayer, somewhere a cloud gives birth to cleansing rain.
But here, here there is only warmth and you.

Sing me a song, write me a poem, pour into me precious words that you have forged into art.
Touch my heart, touch my body, wrap me in kindness, compassion and goodness.
Soon the moon will come swinging over the horizon, a silver bead not far from a tear.
Soon the stars will prick the sky, dots of pleasure that spell out glory.
Your god and my god walk hand-in-hand, surveying their creation, love, their most wonderful achievement.

I look at you and want to tell you so much, want to give you the best I have.
I look at you, holding your hand, my leg touching yours,our breaths tangling.
I want the gentle passion, the thundering storm.
The slow beauty and the bursting rain.
I want to kiss, to share, to revel, to worship,
To wonder and to taste everything you are.
To kiss, to enfold you, to hold you,
To nourish each other with the feast of desire.
To feel your heat, your subtle reminder that life is good, that your gift is more beautiful than the living pulse of joy.

And the moon comes, the day chased away, the ice melted, the bottle empty.
We get to our feet, our mouths joining, hands as gentle as clever feathers.
I can feel you, your heart, your breath, your subtle warmth.

We go in doors, soon your shoes will be abandoned, soon you will be free, the air your only cover.
And the night will bless us with a new magic, the spell of companionship, of beautiful, fresh wonders.

From → Fiction, Poetry

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