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12 of my favourite… films

July 15, 2015

A searing, visceral, emotional orgy of glory, battle and courage. A memorable score and a convincing Australian Roman. The film has me gasping with delight, awe and sadness all at the same time.

Brave heart
Forget the historical nonsense, this is a piece of fiction. Great set-pieces, good battle choreography and a stirring tale accompanied by a haunting soundtrack. This hits all the right emotional notes, but the final ten minutes or so are tough on the soul.

Master and commander
Based on Patrick O’Brian’s novels (well, a couple of them anyway) this is another convincing performance from the Crowe. Great sound design, lovely music and a good story. Naval warfare never looked or sounded so good.

Last of the Mohicans
A rare example of a film outstripping its paper-based genesis. An outstanding soundtrack and some wonderful cinematography bring this stirring tale of courage, revenge and honour to life. A simple narrative laced with visceral emotion.

On golden pond
A simple and moving love story. No bells and whistles, just great character acting.

A unique premise with convincing performances. A film that pushed boundaries and told a tale in a brave and heart-felt way.

A film about music and friendship. No sex, no violence, just the purity of a shared experience.

The two towers
The second in Peter Jackson’s foray into the world of Tolkien. The best of the six films – immersive, game-changing and exciting. He nearly got the balance right between CGI and real world. A fabulous fantasy epic.

Silver linings playbook
An intimate and brilliant drama laced with subtle humour. Beautifully acted ensemble piece that comes close to being masterful.

Moulin rouge
This film grabs you by the nuts and assaults your senses. Loud, bright, colourful and unashamedly brilliant.

Enchanting and magnificent. Stunning choreography and a charged and epic journey.

Point break
They manage to capture the vibe perfectly. Surfing, bank robberies and an undercover cop. A brilliant piece of storytelling.


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