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Star Wars, new hope..?

April 24, 2015

J.J. Abrams breathed new life into a tired franchise when he took the helm of Star Trek. He not only managed to satisfy sci-fi fans, but through slick story telling and passionate and thoughtful direction he gave the Star Trek fans something to get excited about again. Until this point Star Trek films, apart from a couple, had barely ignited their impulse engines, failing to satisfy fans of Star Trek and fans of sci-fi in general. With the “reboot” of Star Trek, Abrams sent the Enterprise and her crew thudding at warp speed towards an exciting, entertaining adventure – a fast-paced, adrenalin rush with enough attention to detail to appeal to both fans of the original series and general sci-fi fans alike.

If Abrams puts as much mission and care into Star Wars, the franchise will be in safe hands. If the second teaser trailer is anything to go by, we are in for a remarkable treat. From the first frame we, the old school, hardcore fans are given a hearty hug. A familiar landscape, the awe-inspiring sight of a grounded Star Destroyer, Luke’s voice, X-wings and Tie-fighters, the Millennium falcon and the joy of Han and Chewy. Familiar yet new, enchanting and exciting, surely we have entered a new age of Star Wars.

The reason I have taken so much heart from the trailer is because it really felt like Star Wars in a way that the prequels didn’t. Set thirty years after the battle of Ender we find ourselves in a fractured galaxy, the rebellion are now the resistance and the empire is now the “new way.” There are new, sharper storm troopers, sexier star ships and new female characters to invigorate the somewhat male-heavy classic cast. There is enough ambiguity to make the new film drip with potential… What did the scavenger-come-relic hunter find? Can a storm trooper change sides? Is there a new Jedi and a new Sith? And the most important question, has Luke gone bad or nuts?

These questions along with many others will be answered when the film opens in December. I, along with many others can’t wait. Maybe Disney can not only preserve the franchise but reinvigorate it, giving us cinematic treats for years to come.

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