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Mother India’s not maternal

November 5, 2013

The world is a strange and tragic place. Human nature is cruel, nations are indifferent, blind or unable to see the ironic, sad and fundamentally ridiculous. Instead, PR machines, international politics operate on higher plain in order to cast shadows over the truth – shadows cast by propaganda and greed.

Let’s hold India up to nature’s mirror and see what we can spy within the murky and bestial depths. India, steeped in romance and mystery; the land of the tiger, calm serine spiritual leaders, beautiful countryside, amazing food, call centres and poverty. But I apologise for being harsh, because India has transcended – India in its efforts to beat China and other Asian countries, India in an effort to show the global community what a big player it is, is sending a probe to Mars. This begs a few fundamental questions:


Well according to various brainwashed spokesmen, India’s probe is very important to the scientific community. Why and how important is surely a moot point given that the US have an actual rover parked on Mars right now, sending fantastic data, results of experiments, samples and photographs. India claims that its orbiting probe is going to do more, or at least something different to NASA’s.

Let’s kick away the smoke and mirrors and be grown up enough to admit that this launch has nothing at all to do with science. It’s not a satellite to help warn of cyclones and hurricanes, it’s orbiting Mars for god’s sake! The one and only point of the mission is to show the West that India has come of age, that it has the technical ability and skill to complete this mission. Indi is after all the self proclaimed global leader in IT and technology, and this probe is surely a manifestation of this.

So, what are the other motives?

Another possible reason for this mission may be to raise national morale. To give the countless millions of peasants something to cheer about, to be proud of. For although over 40 million Indians live without electricity and 60 million live without sanitation, hearing that their country can send a probe to Mars must make them feel much better about their lot. But to be serious; it is absolutely absurd, disgusting, obscene and ridiculous for any country with such huge levels of poverty to be ploughing a single penny into space exploration, let alone millions if not billions of rupees. The irony is massive, the situation sick. There are whole families living in rubbish, scavenging everyday for food, risking their lives and health for meagre rations whilst their government decides to…. give them aid? Find them jobs? Improve conditions? Improve infrastructure? Improve access to education and training? No… send a bloody probe to Mars!

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