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The future king

July 23, 2013

Babies are not everybody’s cup of tea. They spend most of their time doing very little – gurgling, drinking milk (hopefully breast milk) and producing a wide array of disturbing odours and waste products. It would be fair to say that some people are less than enthusiastic about other people’s babies, whether they know the parents or not.

It would also be fair to say that royalty has the power to illicit some fairly radical responses. From outright dislike, bordering on hatred and disgust, to absolute worship and veneration. Thankfully there are still a handful of folks who are still fairly none-plussed about any crown-based activity.

But when the two are merged, a baby and royalty – a royal baby no less, the response is nothing short of staggering…

Yesterday The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, two good looking, healthy people verified to the world that they have had sex at least once. The baby – a royal princeling was born to feverish acclamation and praise. Now, I am not a royalist and I am not interested in babies, but I found myself listening to the radio, sharing in the crowd’s positivity and marvelling at the random vox pops that graced the air waves,

Whilst it would be easy to poke fun at privilege and class, making comments about the life of a prince and all the amazingly enriching experiences he will have, all the opportunities, wealth and pleasure, I didn’t. I managed to bite my tongue and simply go with the flow.

Why? Because there is enough utter nonsense, jealousy, barbed, ill-conceive rhetoric flying around Twitter and Facebook to sink the Mary Rose (again.) People make such odd comments that range from, “Who cares..” to “Why are we subjected to this coverage?” the answers to these questions are simple. The belching, farting infant will one day be king. Like it or not, it’s a fact. You don’t have to own a collection of commemorative plates, spoons and clippings pertaining to the Queen’s habits to appreciate history. For history is what happened last night. That isn’t because it’s a baby, because bless him William’s mum isn’t here any more, it is simply based on a sense of occasion. An occasion that clearly made a few thousand people happy – so what’s wrong with that?

As for the hundreds of comments about regular women giving birth every day, well, the birth of this royal baby won’t impact on that, but it will raise awareness regarding maternity services and care. Already natural birth advocates are rubbing their hands together with glee because Kate (we’re on first name terms) seemed to decide to have a baby through her vagina. So let’s help she breasts feeds, thereby positively influencing people to steer away from chemical rich formula products.

Am I pleased William and Kate have had a baby? The truth is, I couldn’t give a stuff. But, I am more than happy to share in the sense of occasion, to watch people smile and laugh. But I don’t have much patience with those people who are pleased because they’ve something else to complain and moan about.

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